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Bike Delivery


During Covid-19 lockdown we all realized how the environment actually positively responded mainly due to the drastic reduction of active motor vehicles.


Furthermore, this has led to safer roads for bicycles, thus encouraging their use. Since then we have rediscovered something, we set aside preferring cars for their ability to cover greater distances in less time. But is it really always like this?


Especially when covering relatively short distances, bicycle is the fastest and most environmentally friendly tool we have.


We thought how big an impact courier delivery has on air quality, traffic and consequently on our health. So why not trying to deliver our coffees simply by bike?


Obviously, we had to study map and travel times, but thanks also to some valuable tips from Fabio Bike for good we decided to introduce the bicycle delivery service, free of charge, available for the entire Monza and Brianza province. By choosing it at the checkout, your order will be delivered on Saturday.

In addition, we also introduced the Click & Collect service, always free of charge, for those who can easily come and collect their order at the roastery.


More details below.



If you live in Monza and Brianza province you can take advantage of the bicycle delivery service, free and ecological, active on Saturday. 

How does it work? Simple: if you place your order by 10:00 AM on Tuesday morning (roasting day), we will deliver your coffee by bicycle the following Saturday by 6:30 PM. The service is active for Monza and Brianza.


In this way we are cutting CO2 emissions together. Make sure you enter your phone number as well so that we can contact you for address troubles or if we can’t find you.

If you are not present at delivery time, your order will be returned to our warehouse, via Pacinotti 1 in Lissone (at Torrefazione Caffè DF) and you will have 3 days, starting from Monday, to pick it up personally (by appointment).



In summary, the Bicycle Delivery service works as follows:

  • At checkout, select "Bike Delivery" as the delivery option.
  • We will send you an email to schedule the delivery to happen on Saturday by 6.30 PM.
  • If you are not present at delivery time you can collect your order within the next 3 days directly from the roastery.



With our Click & Collect service you can choose to collect the order directly from the roastery.

  • At checkout select "Click & Collect" as a delivery option.
  • We will send you an email to arrange a pick-up appointment as soon as your order is ready.
  • You can collect your order within 10 days of the prompt delivery notice.


If you wish to have more detailed information email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Via Leonardo da Vinci, 6


20851, Lissone (MB)




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