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Filter Coffee In The Menù


Filter coffee is a wonderful and alternative way to taste and enjoy coffee, different from the classic espresso.

Our ideal coffee shop menu would always offer at least 2 espresso and just as many filters.

When dialed in properly, brewed coffee produces an elegant and aromatic flavour profile and you often get to see new levels of complexity.


Some coffees adapt particularly well to this type of extraction, so much so to be able to showcase flavors in the cup that could hardly be replicated in espresso.

In this article we would like to guide you through some tips if you are planning to introduce a filter coffee offer to your shop menu, in order to help you embracing this exciting choice in the best way.



1) Training


With the growing consumer interest towards the final product, the role of the barista becomes more and more dynamic and no longer only just related to the preparation of the drink. Today barista can be in some aspects compared to a sommelier, he crafts the drink with precision and introduces flavour notes to the customer, engaging with processing knowledge. This is why barista must be trained.

Our filter coffee technique course offers interesting ideas for understanding brewing methods, finding your way between "pour over" and "full immersion", understanding variables that impact on flavours, connections between origin and result in the cup. Not only do we face practical preparation tests together, but we understand how to set up your brew bar area, net of available spaces, which equipment is the most ideal and how to prepare your staff to implement a new offer in the classic coffee shop service.



2) Communication


Serving specialty coffee necessarily means accompanying the product with a part of communication to the customer. Whether it is espresso or filter, specialty coffee is in contrast to the flavor of commercial coffee, so it must be told to avoid a possible negative experience for the consumer.

Not only that, filter coffee culture is even less known and often misunderstood, therefore it requires a deeper communication phase.

How many times you heard describing a filter coffee as "dirty water" or mistakenly confused with “movie style” Americano?

It is key to prepare the customer for something extraordinary that has nothing to do with dirty water concepts. Filter coffee can be spectacular depending on the origin chosen, flavours in the cup can vary from super fruity to more floral aromatic to warmer chocolatey like notes. Building expectation and communicating all this to the customer requires hard work and passion, always rewarded.



3) Coffee rotation


Two coffees from the same production region, example: Huila in Colombia, can showcase completely different character in the cup.

One aspect that fascinates people about speciality coffee is seasonality and rotation of the product, dynamic and for palates of all tastes: from the roundest and sweetest coffees to those with higher acidity and complexity.

With filter coffee you have an exciting way to showcase how different and incredible flavors this product can offer.



4) Experience value


After training the staff, setting up a small brew bar area, understanding the importance of communication and choosing the first coffees, you can only give the right value to the experience you are about to offer.

Implementing a filter coffee offer in the standard shop service certainly has a cost, not only for equipment, but also to coordinate the staff around brewing, which requires longer times than an espresso. Unfortunately, many confuse filter coffee with something too slow, certainly to be avoided if you are in a rush, but trust us, serving an excellent filter can take just 3 minutes.

The beauty of a brew bar is then also to watch the brewing ritual, take the time to interact with the barista, enjoy coffee calmly and never in a hurry.

This experience has an important value, which must respect the whole supply chain, professionalism and product quality. The price of a cup of filter coffee to the end customer can be between 3 and 6 euros, or higher with certain rarer botanical varieties.


Our final advice is to never be afraid of quality. The choice of serving specialty coffees, training and introducing filter coffees is of great professionals.






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